-Birmingham: Hit up Whole Foods for bulk pantry staples (like whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, and more). You can also visit Golden Temple Foods for some zero waste body care essentials and DIY beauty supplies.


-Fayetteville: At Ozark Natural Foods, find whole grains, rice, dried beans, nuts, dried fruits, trail mix, granola, herbs, spices, tea, freshly ground nut butter, local honey, and more! You can see the full list of bulk products on offer here.


-Cape Canaveral: At Sunseed Natural Foods Co-op, choose bulk herbs, spices, teas, and a modest selection of other dry goods.

-Gainesville: Citizens Co-op sells a huge selection of bulk dry goods (think beans, grains, baking supplies, snacks, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola, tea, coffee, herbs, spices, and more). They also sell the following liquid bulk goods that you can purchase in your own jars: Braggs liquid aminos, olive and canola oil, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar maple syrup, local honey, and agave syrup. And, while you're there, you can stock up on bulk home cleaning and beauty products, like Dr. Bronner's castile soap, laundry soap and dish soap, surface and bathroom cleaner, shampoos, conditioners, bubble bath, body wash, lotion, and hand soap. You can peek at their full list of products here.

-Orlando: At Lucky's Market, you can buy package-free sweets.

-Pensacola: The Ever'man Cooperative just gets it, with their gorgeous branding and big selection. Here you'll find a huge bulk dry wall that stocks beans, legumes, rice, grains, flours, nuts, seeds, snacks, granola, trail mix, sweets, candy, herbs, spices, and tea.

-Tallahassee: Stop at New Leaf Market for their great bulk selection, featuring many different varieties of grains, flours, beans, legumes, sweeteners, nuts, snacks, granola, trail mix, dried fruit, nut butter, honey, and castile soap for your home and body. You can find a full list of their offerings here.


-Athens: The Daily Groceries Co-op offers bulk tea, coffee, herbs, spices, baking supplies such as flour and sweeteners, trail mix, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and honey.

-Atlanta: Sevananda Co-op in Atlanta has such a great selection - choose grains, beans, nuts, pasta, baking supplies such as flour and sugar, candy, chocolate, snack foods (like pretzels!), soup mix, trail mix, cereal and granola, tea, coffee, spices, herbs, and bulk liquids like soaps, olive oil, soy sauce, freshly ground almond and peanut butters, and local honey. At Fig & Flower, you can stock up on refillable, nontoxic soaps and home cleaners from Common Good and CoFresh Harvest is another great resource for zero wasters. This food delivery service delivers their locally grown produce and locally made products every week or every other week depending on your preferences. You can request that nothing get wrapped in plastic and that no stickers or rubber bands are used in the packaging of your delivery. They deliver all of their baskets in reusable totes with reusable icepacks. If you’re looking to pick out your own produce, there are farmers markets all over the city at all different times of the week. In a giving mood? Also check out the Atlanta Food Swap to trade home grown or homemade items for other local food items. Some things come wrapped in plastic, so bring your own containers for a zero waste swap. For farm fresh meats, visit Spotted Trotter in two locations within the city. All of their meats are sustainably sourced and are raised locally. When in doubt, there is always the local Whole Foods on Ponce De Leon for another selection of bulk goods.

-Cumming: Visit Earth Fare to purchase bulk dry goods and liquids such as syrup, soy sauce, and cooking oil.

-Savannah: At Sylvester & Co., find refillable, nontoxic soaps and household cleaners made by Common Good and Co.


-Lexington: Good Foods Co-op in Lexington has a packed bulk aisle featuring, well, good foods: whole grains, rices, organic dried beans, baking supplies such as flours and sweeteners, nuts, seeds, trail mixes, snacks, dried fruits, candy, salt, cooking oils, local honey, vinegar, freshly ground nut butters, and more.


-New Orleans: At NOLA Food Co-op, you can find bulk dry goods, such as grains, beans, legumes, nuts, snacks, granola, and trail mix.


-Jackson: Rainbow Co-op sells grains, beans, flours, sweeteners, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, snacks, tea, herbs, spices, and more. They also offer a station where you can decant purified water into reusable containers.


-Asheville: French Broad Food Co-Op has a large selection of bulk oil, vinegar, sweeteners, tea, herbs and spices, nuts, grains, sugars and flours, unpackaged bars of soap, and local produce. West Village Market sells bulk dry pantry staples, candy, and tea. They also offer locally made refillable cleaning supplies from Fillaree, such as bulk liquid pump soap and all-purpose home cleaning spray.

-Burlington: The Company Shops Market (Burlington's food co-op) offers bulk whole and milled grains, dried beans, nuts, seeds, baking supplies such as flours and sweeteners, granola, trail mix, dried fruits, snacks, candy, fair trade coffee, and fill-your-own containers with filtered water.

-Charlotte: At Healthy Home Market, you can find bulk foods (grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, teas, herbs, spices, and more), as well as bulk home and body care products like soaps, cleaners, and carrier oils.

-Durham: The Durham Co-op Market features a large selection of grains, beans, baking supplies, nuts, seeds, snack foods, herbs and spices, tea and fair trade coffee, freshly ground nut butters, and more. You can purchase bulk and refillable personal care products and cleaning supplies like hand/body wash, dish soap, cleaning spray, and unpackaged bar soap from Fillaree at Stone Brothers & Byrd and Bulldega.

-Greensboro: At Deep Roots Market, purchase bulk flour, sugar, grains, beans, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, tea, and coffee.

-Hendersonville: At Hendersonville Community Co-op, scoop up bulk nuts, grains, beans, cereal and granola, baking supplies, snacks and treats, herbs, coffee, spices, tea, and other pantry staples.

-Pittsboro: At Chatham Marketplace, you'll find bulk dried goods such as whole and milled grains, dried beans, baking supplies like flour and sweeteners, nuts, seeds, snacks, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, and more.

-Raleigh: You can purchase bulk and refillable personal care products and cleaning supplies such as hand and body wash, dish soap, cleaning spray, and unpackaged bar soap from Fillaree at Standard Foods.

-Wilmington: At Tidal Creek Food Co-op, purchase bulk pantry staples (such as grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, snacks, and more), as well as organic fair trade coffee, tea, herbs and spices, dried fruits, local honey, cooking oils, freshly ground peanut and almond butters, and household cleaning products. At Farmin' On Front, you can buy kombucha, cow's milk, and freshly ground nut butter on tap/in bulk! So awesome.


-Six Mile: Consider becoming a member of the Upstate Co-op (only members can shop there, but membership is easy and inexpensive). Then, you can mine their bulk aisle for bulk pantry staples like grains, snacks, and more.

-Spartanburg: The Hub City Co-op offers a big variety of bulk goods - the usual pantry staples like grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, granola, dried fruit, herbs, spices, and teas, plus freshly ground nut butters, coffee, baking supplies, and even grits.


-Knoxville: At Three Rivers Co-op, find whole grains, flours, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, granola, trail mix,freshly ground peanut and almond butters, honey, soy sauce, and cooking oil.

-Nashville: At White's Mercantile, you can purchase refillable, nontoxic soaps and household cleaners made by Common Good and Co.


-Austin: Lucky you! You live near one of the country's most zero-waste oriented grocers. In.gredients has one of the best bulk selections you'll find, selling almost any food you need package-free, as well as other supplies for a zero waste life. The local Wheatsville Co-ops also have wonderful bulk aisles where you can fill your own containers with pantry staples, herbs, teas, spices, organic coffee, laundry detergent, soap, and body care products.

-Dallas/Fort Worth: Sprouts Farmers Market in Dallas offers bulk foods. Their produce is fresh and at a decent price, and they don't mind if you take fruits and veggies out of their plastic and put into your own mesh bags. Their bulk section is comparable to Whole Foods with pantry staples, nuts, coffee, candy, and more. They have good bulk sales a couple times a year where everything is 20% off. Central Market is also great. The Fort Worth location has bulk oils, but the other locations do not.

-Denton: Winco Foods sells bulk grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, dried fruit, candy, cereal, nut butters, bulk oil, bulk vinegar, and more.

-Houston: Liz from Green Revival Blog shares her favorite tips for where to shop in Houston with us! "Central Market is our favorite grocery store – the produce department is beyond anything I’ve ever seen, with an incredible selection of local and organic produce (including bulk salad greens and mushrooms – hooray!). Central Market also has a large bulk food section, where we stock up on dry goods and spices. Its sister store, H-E-B, also provides many spices and dry goods in bulk. For bulk oils and vinegars, head to Urban Eats. Bring your own container to Houston Dairy Maids to scoop up some local cheese. Central Market’s bakery will satisfy any bread craving, but if you’re looking for more, try Common Bond Café or Weights + Measures."

-McKinney: Winco Foods sells bulk grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, and other dry goods.

-Rogers: At Walker Honey Farm, choose from tons of different varieties of bulk honey, or even fill up a growler with honey mead.

-Waco: At the Waco Farmers' Market, stop by Dairy Meadows Soaps for locally made, package-free soaps, including shampoo bars.