-Fairbanks: Visit Sunshine Health Foods for bulk pantry staples like beans, grains, nuts, snacks, and more. They also have a huge selection of herbs, spices, and teas - over 350 different varieties!


-Arcata: At North Coast Co-op, fill jars or bags from home with dry pantry staples (like grains, beans, nuts, pasta, wheat free pasta, snacks, and sweet treats), as well as herbs, spices, tea, coffee, maple syrup, vinegar, and frozen fruit. You can also purchase bulk shampoo, conditioner, and soap. They also have a location in Eureka.

-Berkeley: At the Safeway on Shattuck, you can bring your own containers for grains, beans, lentils, nuts, snacks, tea, and more. You can also visit Amphora Nueva to fill and refill bottles with olive oils and balsamic vinegars. At Berkeley Bowl, purchase bulk pantry staples, herbs, spices, tea, and more. You can also find beauty care goods like Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and Alba products in bulk. At The Gardener, you can find unpackaged bar soap, compostable dish brushes, and unpackaged Weck jars.

-Bay Area: Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco has over 800 bulk food items - so, go crazy here! You can buy beans, whole grains, flour, sugar, other baking supplies, cereal, granola, olives, nuts, seeds, soup and baking mixes, olive oil and other types of oil, miso, chocolate, seaweed, nutella, tortilla chips, snacks, pretzels, trail mix, candy and vegan candy, vinegar, sweeteners like honey and agave, dried fruit, tons of different nut butters, fresh pasta, coffee, tea, herbs, spices, and more. You can also find home and personal care products like unpackaged bar soaps, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid hand soap, lotion, aloe vera, Dr. Bronner's castile soap, and more. If you need something, you can probably find it here, so bring your jars and fill up! At Other Avenues Co-op, you can pick up bulk pantry staples, like beans, grains, nuts, snacks, and more. In Alameda, visit Alameda Natural Grocery for bulk dry goods like grains, beans, snacks, nuts, and more. Plus, their produce is often sticker-less, and they won't print receipts unless you ask for one. Sprouts in Mountain View sells beans, granolas, oats, drieds fruits, candy, snack foods like pretzels, and more in bulk, as well as a large selection of bulk coffee. Oakland folks, you can see more under "Oakland" below.

-Davis: You're in luck at the Davis Food Co-op. Choose from a full selection of dry pantry staples (teas, herbs, grains, snacks, nuts, pasta, coffee, gluten-free substitutes, etc.), tamari, soy sauce, vanilla extract, seven types of vinegar, olive oil, sesame oil, canola oil, and even bulk home brewing supplies! You can take a look at the full list here - and if you live nearby, color me jealous.

-Grass Valley: At the Briar Patch Co-op, you can fill your own containers with grains, beans, flours, snacks, cooking oils, and more.

-Laguna Beach: You can purchase bulk laundry detergent by the Simply Co at Roots Beauty.

-Los Angeles: Visit Rainbow Acres for bulk dry goods (pantry staples like beans, grains, nuts, and snacks), bulk liquids like soy sauce, and a big selection of herbs, spices, and teas. They also have bulk cleaning supplies (like borax, beeswax, and soaps. At Broome Street General Store, you can find nontoxic and refillable soaps and household cleaners made by Common Good and Co. At Sprouts in Westwood (and possible at other Sprouts throughout the city), you can buy bulk foods like breakfast cereals (granola, oatmeal, etc.), grains, legumes, nuts, dried fruits, flour, and various snacks, like yogurt-covered pretzels. For a good source for standard bulk pantry staples, visit your nearest Whole Foods - you may be able to bring your own containers, or otherwise they may allow you to rinse and reuse the plastic containers that they offer for purchasing bulk foods.

-Oakland: Visit Whole Foods Oakland for a great selection of bulk items (whole grains, flours, beans and lentils, nuts, seeds, cereal, granola, chocolate chips, snacks, dried fruit, freshly ground nut butter, Dr. Bronner's castile soap, coffee, tea, herbs, spices, and more), and store employees are more than happy to have you bring your own containers and reusable produce bags. You can weigh containers at the customer service desk, and you can also bring a container to the meat counter and they will weigh and fill it for you. They also offer a few other zero waste goods, like unpackaged candles, unpackaged bar soap, bulk bath salts, compost buckets, package-free jars, and more. You can also stop by Oaktown Spice Shop for a huge (and I do mean huge!) selection of bulk herbs, spices, salts, loose leaf teas, and tinctures. The Food Mill sells tons of bulk dry goods, as well. For more zero waste ideas in Oakland, check out the Oakland city guide here.

-Sacramento: Shop at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op for package-free beans, flours, grains, pasta, rice, peanut butter, sweeteners, granola, candy, snacks, nuts, herbs, spices, teas, and dried fruit. They also have a great selection of bulk liquids, including Bragg's amino acids, agave, tamari, canola and olive oil, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, and filtered water on tap. For your home and body, you can purchase bulk shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, laundry detergent, castile soap, lotion, and face and body wash. You can see a more detailed list of products here. At Refill Madness, you can find bulk home supplies, like laundry detergent, bleach, laundry whitener, dish detergent and soap, borax, baking soda, all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, Dr. Bronner's castile soap and Sal Suds, pet shampoo, diffuser oils, unpackaged candles, and more, dryer balls, and more. They also sell bulk personal hygiene supplies, like sunscreen (!!!), body care oils (like apricot kernal, grapeseed, sweet almond oil, and more), lotion, hand soap, epsom salts, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, unpackaged bar soap, and more. You can find a full list of the products on offer here.

-San Diego: Ocean Beach People's Food Market sells package-free grains, rice, beans, granola, nuts, sweet treats, pasta, maple syrup, local honey, shampoos and soaps, canola oil, olive oil, wheat-free tamari, whole bean coffee, freshly ground peanut and almond butters, and even vegetarian dog food and treats. At Blue Dot Refill, you can fill up on bulk cleaning supplies and body care supplies, such as liquid soap, sunscreen, lotion, and more.

-San Francisco: See "Bay Area," above!

-San Luis Obispo: Shop at SLO Natural Foods for organic and (partially) local package-free grains, baking supplies (flours, sugar, and other sweeteners), beans and legumes, granola, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate, tea, and coffee. You can also purchase liquids like local honey, maple syrup, freshly ground nut butters, locally made olive oil, and more.

-Santa Cruz: Stop by New Leaf Community Markets (which has many locations in and around Santa Cruz) for organic beans, grains, flours, nuts, granola, locally made candies, dried fruit, protein powder, pasta, trail mix, sea vegetables, herbs and spices, organic fair trade whole coffee, and freshly ground nut butters. At The True Olive Connection, you can select many types of organic oils (olive, grapeseed, truffle, sesame, walnut, pumpkin seed, and more) and vinegars in bulk. They also have a location in Aptos! For bulk body products, stop by Way of Life (which also sells bulk herbs and teas) or Staff of Life (whose awesome bulk body and home care section offers shampoos, conditioners, lotions and creams, soap and castile soap, bentonite clay for face masks, and oils). Staff of Life also sells bulk foods, including pretty much everything under the sun - the standard bulk dry goods you'd find anywhere, and also harder-to-find offerings like dry mixes (for things like falafel and chili), tortilla chips (!!!!), sea vegetables, oils (sesame, olive, safflower, peanut, soy, corn, and canola), vinegars (like red wine, champagne, and organic apple cider), molasses, tahini, nut butter, and even pet food and dog biscuits! They source things locally when possible, which is great. If you'd like, you can see their full list of bulk products here.

-Santa Monica: Co-Opportunity Natural Foods has a large dry bulk selection, including grains, nuts, beans, granola, snacks, and dried fruit; they LOVE it when customers bring their own containers, so you'll be warmly welcomed! For fresh produce, the Santa Monica Farmers' Market is the place to buy a wide variety of local foods - just do a quick internet search for updated times and locations.

-Santa Rosa and Sebastopol: Shop at the Community Market, whose lovely slogan is "Food for people, not for profit." Their bulk foods department features flours, pasta, granola, nuts, candy, honey, tea, coffee, dog and cat food, cooking oils, dried fruit, herbs, and spices. At the Santa Rosa location, you can also purchase bulk personal care items like soaps and lotions, as well as home cleaning products.

-Tahoe: At Grass Roots Natural Foods, you can purchase a large range of bulk dry goods, from nuts and seeds to whole grains to chocolate chips! They also offer kombucha on tap - bring your own bottles and fill up!

-Ukiah: The Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op offers bulk beans, nuts, fair-trade organic coffee, and more.

-Vacaville: WinCo offers a large bulk selection of dry pantry staples, like grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, and more.

-Ventura: Visit The Refill Shoppe for refillable and nontoxic body care and home care products, like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hand soap, dish soap, and bulk laundry detergent - plus fun things like sugar scrubs and face masks! Take a look at their offerings here.

-Victorville: WinCo sells bulk pantry staples like grains, beans, nuts, spices, seeds, cereals, Candy's, dry fruit, granola, different types of flours, and dog and cat food.They sell a variety of such as avocado oil and nut butters like almond, cashew, almond and peanut, and different types of liquid sweeteners, like agave and honey.

-Statewide: Honeymoon ice cream is sold in mason jars at locations throughout the state. Bring home some, then reuse or gift the glass jars! Also, the grocery chain Sprouts is statewide, and locations offer bulk beans, grains, cereal, candy, snacks, granola, nuts, protein powder, dried fruit, and more.


-Hilo: Island Naturals Market offers bulk grains, beans, nuts, snacks, and other dry goods.

-Honolulu: At Kokua Market, you'll find bulk dried goods such as whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, herbs, spices, teas, and more.

-Maui: Stop by Mana Foods for an incredible bulk selection featuring flours, grains, legumes, pasta, nuts, seeds, snacks, granola, herbs, spices, and more. It's close to the Kahului airport and the road to Hana, so it's a great place to stock up if your traveling to the area.

-Pahoa: Island Naturals Market offers bulk grains, beans, nuts, snacks, and other dry goods.


-Ashland: The bulk department at Ashland Food Co-op is entirely organic, and features whole and milled grains, dried beans and legumes, snacks (dried fruit, nuts, seeds, trail mix, and more), baking supplies, herbs and spices, and tea and coffee. They also have an awesome selection of bulk liquids, both for the kitchen (tamari, vanilla extract, maple syrup, honey, nut butters, oils, kombucha on tap, and more) and for the bathroom (Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap, liquid and powdered laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, and all purpose cleaner concentrate). For the bathroom, they also sell Zum bath salts and locally made unpackaged bar soap from Sappo Hill. They also have a place in the bulk section where you can donate clean glass containers for others to reuse! In addition, Shop'n Kart sells bulk grains, spices, coffee, sweets, pastas, ramen noodle bricks, flours (inluding gluten-free flour baking mixes), liquids (like Dr. Bronner's castile soap, Oregon Soap Company castile soap, many personal care options, honey, coconut oil, and more), kombucha on tap, bulk/zero waste supplies like small glass containers/sprayers/pumps, metal tins, and mason jars, unpackaged beeswax candles, and locally made package-free bar soap from Sappo Hill & Oregon Soap Company. Additionally, stop by Market of Choice for a bulk section full of snacks, flours, spices, tea, coffee, liquids (olive oil, honey, Dr. Bronner's soap, a few other personal care items, nut butters), and locally made package free Sappo Hill bar soap, as well as a self-cut Zum soap station.

-Corvallis: At either of First Alternative Co-op's two Corvallis locations, find over 700 bulk items, including dry goods such as grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, trail mix, granola snacks, baking supplies, herbs, spices, tea, and coffee.

-Newport: At Oceana Foods, you can browse bulk grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, snacks, tea, shade-grown coffee, herbs, spices, freshly ground nut butters, and cooking oils.

-Portland: At the People's Food Co-op, stock up on grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, trail mix, herbs, spices, tea, and more. Food Front offers a great selection of basic pantry dry goods, as well as Equal Exchange fair trade coffee and nuts and locally made granola. Alberta Co-op sells tons of bulk goods, including all of the dry goods your heart could wish for (they especially have a great herbs, spices, tea, and coffee selection), bulk Earth Balance vegan butter, and vegan mayonnaise, as well as bulk liquids like agave syrup, honey, maple syrup, molasses, liquid amino acids, shoyu, tamari, nut butters (including cashew and hazelnut!), tahini, oil (canola, sunflower, sesame, and olive), vanilla extract, and vinegars (like red wine, apple cider, and balsamic). You can view their full list of offerings here. At Spin Laundry Lounge, you can purchase The Simply Co. detergent in bulk.


-Bellingham: Community Food Co-op offers a really extensive selection of bulk products. Find grains, pasta, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, snacks (trail mix, granola, dried fruit, sweet treats, etc.!), seaweeds, freshly ground nut butters, herbs, spices, coffee, and tea. They also sell bulk liquids: syrup, agave, honey, tamari, cooking oil, vinegars, and vanilla extract.

-Federal Way: Visit Marlene's Natural Market & Deli for bulk dry goods, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, oils, vinegars, other bulk liquids, and bulk cleaning supplies.

-Everett: Sno-Isle Food Co-op sells bulk grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, granola, baking supplies, pasta, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, freshly ground nut butter, and more. You can also fill up on local honey, oils, and vinegar.

-Kennewick: Highland Health Foods offers a small selection of bulk goods, featuring grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, and more.

-Mill Creek: At Central Market, find bulk beans, grains, baking supplies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy!!!, chocolate, granola, trail mix and other snacks, pasta, teas, herbs, spices, and more. They also have bulk liquids like oils, honey, nut butters, and maple syrup.

-Port Townsend: At the Port Townsend Food Co-op, scoop up bulk dry goods like grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, sweets, herbs, spices, tea, and more.

-Poulsbo: At Central Market, find bulk beans, grains, baking supplies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, granola, trail mix and other snacks, pasta, teas, herbs, spices, and more. They also have bulk liquids like oils, honey, nut butters, and maple syrup.

-Seattle area: Central Market has three locations, and they have a huge bulk selection - pantry staples (grains, beans, nuts, and more), snacks, candy (a whole wall of jellybeans and other treats!), spices, herbs, tea, bulk honey, maple syrup, cooking oils, and nut butters. They also sell biodegradable toothbrushes. Seattle's Central Co-op sells bulk goods (such as grains, beans, nuts, snacks, and more), as well as herbs, spices, coffee, tea, and liquids (oils, honey, and vanilla extract). PCC Community Markets has many outposts that serve the area surrounding Seattle; they sell bulk grains, beans, nuts, seeds, granola and cereal, pasta, protein powder, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, cooking oil, and household and body care cleaning products. Zenith Supplies sells a huge variety of bulk oils (see their full list here) and bulk herbs and spices (list, here) - a great resource for DIY beauty.

-Shoreline: At Central Market, find bulk beans, grains, baking supplies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, granola, trail mix and other snacks, pasta, teas, herbs, spices, and more. They also have bulk liquids like oils, honey, nut butters, and maple syrup.

-Spokane: Huckleberry's Natural Market has a standalone store with dry goods, herbs, spices, and liquids (Dr. Bronner's soap, dish soap, Bragg's aminos and ACV, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, honey, oils, and more). There are also Huckleberry's sections in numerous local stores (such as Rosauers and Super 1) which have smaller selections of dry goods, and typically olive oil, honey and peanut butter. Main Market Co-op has a good selection of dry goods, tea, and liquids, as well as personal and home care products, like bulk laundry detergent by the Simply Co. Atticus Coffee has the best selection of bulk teas in town. And, there are a few local supermarkets that allow you to use containers brought from home, like Yokes, Super 1, Rosauers, and Fred Meyer.

-Tacoma: Visit Marlene's Natural Market & Deli for bulk dry goods, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, oils, vinegars, other bulk liquids, and bulk cleaning supplies. The Whole Foods in University Place sells pantry staples, like grains, flours, nuts, and more, in bulk, and the Stadium Thriftway in Tacoma sells bulk nuts, dried fruit, snacks, candy, granola, and more. For more options, also see "Seattle area," above!

-Tonasket: The Tonasket Co-op sells bulk pantry staples (such as grains, beans, nuts, and snacks), as well as herbs, spices, teas, and more.

-Walla Walla: Andy's Market sells bulk foods like grains, beans, nuts, seeds, snacks, a huge selection of candy, and more