weekend in milwaukee.

I think often about how very, very lucky enough to have what I need, and then some. Last year, I began the long process of trying to downsize my possessions. Keeping objects around after I no longer need them seems a waste of an item that took energy and resources to make. Buying things that I don't need or won't use isn't a good use of my time, money, or energy. Advertising is seductive, and it will always try to make us believe that more breeds more: more possessions lead to more contentment, more spending creates more happiness. I don't think this is true. Instead, the endless cycle of purchasing is unsustainable in every sense of the word.

This is all to say, whenever possible I make an effort to celebrate events with people and places, not with things. And so, for our anniversary this past weekend, my boyfriend and I ventured to Milwaukee for a quick weekend getaway. We did absolutely nothing but walk, eat, explore (and, okay, watch some HGTV at the hotel). It's a rare event that we have nothing to do but wander, and we both felt really relaxed. And, as you can see, Milwaukee is just stunning! My two days there don't qualify me to give any sort of advice about what to do in the city (though we loved walking along the waterfront and eating here and here), but I do have some advice for myself: take more weekends away. Preferably with loved ones. Preferably with nothing in mind but rest and enjoyment.

Hope you had a good weekend too, friends.